Club Fitting

Now that you’ve begun your journey with the Setup 4 Impact golf swing, you might start thinking about having your clubs fitted to your swing.

One of the best things about Setup 4 Impact is that it doesn’t change your impact position. S4I is about finding your impact position and building your swing around it! If you are switching from a conventional golf swing, your impact position will remain the same, you’ll just be setting yourself up to get there with less stress and strain. That means if you’ve been fitted for clubs, you likely won’t have to change anything!

You might be wondering what the benefits are to being fit for your clubs. While there are plenty to list, here are the main ones that will justify the time and money you spend.

#1. The Right Shaft

Having the right shaft in your club can mean all the difference in your shot trajectory and accuracy. Slower swing speeds can see improvement from having a more flexible shaft while higher swing speeds need some additional stability to get through impact without the face twisting. This can also lead to a better load on the shaft and an increase in distance.

#2. The Right Loft & Lie

Having a driver or irons that suits you in both shaft flex and loft will increase the chances that you’ll hit better shots that carry as far as your swing is capable of. By tweaking the club head lofts to suit your game, you will have consistent gapping between clubs, meaning fuller shots and more control over your distances without relying on half and three-quarter shots. Having a consistent gapping means you’ll always know what club to pull no matter what the shot is.

#3. The Right Feel

Feel is important in the game of golf. Shafts can be similar is flex, but have entirely different weight profiles, which means vastly different swing weights for different shafts, even with the same head. Layman’s Terms: an extra-stiff steel shaft might be heavier than an extra-stiff graphite shaft, so you need to figure out what feels best to you.

There are so many advantages to fine tuning your clubs to match your game. We suggest that as you improve and feel more confident in your golf game that you look into having yourself fitted before your next purchase to get the most out of your new clubs.

I highly recommend fitting at Club Champion golf. They are the best in the business of fitting and you are guaranteed to be fit perfectly there. Fitting any other way is incomplete and more guesswork. To me, it is worth the extra money to get fit that way. The clubs are more expensive but guaranteed to fit. If you decide that you do not want to spend so much money you can also take the fitting info with you and use it to find a similar set as to what was recommended another way. In some cases, they can even retrofit your existing clubs, or they find out that your clubs are already as good as anything they can give you. In all cases, you see the results with your own eyes.

If you decide to go that route then use my name (Kirk Junge) as your referral when you sign up as they will then not mess with your golf swing as you are coming from a Pro that they know.

You can get all info on their fittings and sign up at