Why Setup 4 Impact?

We get it. You aren't quite sure why you would want to bother with an entirely new golf swing, especially when its so much different than your current swing. Well....is it actually that much different?

Setup 4 Impact is the simplest single plane golf swing because it does something that other golf swings don't let you do; Swing your own swing!

Arnold Palmer himself gave the great advice to "swing your own swing", because he understood that everyone is different. The only thing that any two professional golfers will have in common is a great impact position, hands leading the club and face square through the impact. The problem is that modern golf instruction has made it seem like you have to treat golf like a forty hour per week job, hitting millions of shots and practicing positions at ever opportunity to even start to become a decent player.

We're going to have to disagree.

With Setup 4 Impact, we take out all the variables that cause problems, but we let you keep all the things that make your swing yours. By changing a few small things, we can help you improve your ballstriking OVERNIGHT! The drills we've developed will help you learn each part of the swing step by step to make sure that you stay in sequence and are hitting the ball crisp and clean.

So why go with Setup 4 Impact?

Thats easy. Take a few minutes and watch Bryson DeChambeau on the course. His power and accuracy are beyond impressive and his swing follows the same principles of Setup 4 Impact.

If that's not enough, then why not just join us for a month and see what we can do to improve your game?