Hi Kirk, I just wanted to thank you again for a fabulous 3 day single plane swing school. I have taken hundreds of hours of lessons in my 71 years and I think these 3 days surpassed any instruction that I have ever received. As we discussed , I have been struggling to find a swing that will give me consistent ball contact to enjoy this game and not adversely affect my aging body. Well, if my progress after practicing your drills and completing this school is any indication, I am sold on this technique. The other aspects of the school which were so important to me, was how to practice, how to go from practice to swinging without technical thoughts and the ability to send in videos for your analysis. Bottom line, after 3 days I walked away with no question unanswered about swing theory, equipment, training aids, practice and mental aspects of golf. I’m looking forward to reviewing my progress with some videos and a lesson after some practice and the real test on the course. Enjoy your holiday in Germany. Looking forward to talking soon! Kind Regards,
Paul S.
I’m an older golfer who never played much and struggled when I did. I’ve retired now and starting to play often with the guys and sometimes the wife. After completing Kirk’s 3-day class recently in NC my game has improved considerably. Now I have a way of practicing and knowing what I’m doing right or wrong. Kirk’s video reviews keep me on track and focused on the system that he has mastered. Finally, playing golf is something I look forward to doing!
Jim C.
Hello Kirk, I switched to the single plane swing 12 months ago, attended your school 10 months ago, broke 80 for the first time with the new swing 8 months ago, shot 75 3 months ago, and today broke par for the first time since my 30’s with a -2 69! Needless to say, I’m very satisfied with the results of the last year, as shooting par or better was a major goal for me when I signed up for your instruction. I knew I couldn’t get there in my 50’s and 60’s with my traditional swing, but now I feel like there are a lot of good rounds ahead. Best Regards,
Jerrel H.

                                      Mike L.
Hi! This is Jack Tomkovick again. I am now 69 and the Setup 4 Impact swing still works! I was the leading money winner on the "Geezer" tour at my public course in North Carolina in 2019, and since turning 69 in August, I've shot 69 twice, 68 twice, and yes, 67 twice! The topper was a 4 hybrid into a par 5 from about 175 yds. The shot looked like a laser beam to the green. It hit and rolled 10 INCHES from the cup for a kick in eagle, and a big skin! Thanks again to my buddy and Master teacher Tony Griffin for allowing me to learn this swing! peace.
Jack T.

Just wanted to let you know your golf video in two weeks has lowered my score by ten stroke and increased my drive by 25yards. Brian G. .................................................................. Happy New Year! Quick testimony. 15 years ago at age 30 I was an 8 handicap. Over the past decade I went to a 15 handicap, mostly from lack of play. Today, after watching many of your videos over the past few weeks/months, I shot a 7-over 77. It was the best round I've played in over a decade. Thank you for your instruction! Sincerely,
-Jim Ces...

I have been following and practicing Kirk’s Setup 4 impact swing since April 1, 2021. Never in all my years of trying the master this game have I come across something so easy and effective to follow. It has changed my game for the better. I have increased my distance and accuracy across all my clubs. I have cut an average of 6 strokes of my game just in the last month. Thank you Kirk for sharing your system with me for free. I will never forget your kindness and love for the game. I am honored to call you my teacher. If you want to learn and improve your game you have come to the right place.
David C.