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Do I have to change everything to convert to the Setup 4 Impact golf swing?

Not at all! We try to change as little as possible when starting the Setup 4 Impact method. With some simple changes to your setup, you should be hitting the ball better immediately. Additional changes can be made as your progress through the lessons to optimize your swing.

Will I lose distance?

You should gain distance! Setup 4 Impact doesn’t place any restrictions on body movement; We encourage it! The drills will help you learn to use your body in the right sequence for accuracy and distance.

JumboMax UltraLite grip discount and sizing info.

Kirk’s preferred grip is from Jumbomax Golf, and they currently have two models of grip that he recommends. The lighter JumboMax UltraLite grips, and the JMX Zen Lite grips which are about 10 grams heavier. JumboMax grips are not a requirement for this method, Kirk has found however that around 80% of clients who try them actually hit the ball more consistently with them. Size is important as well and his recommendations are below. You can also see a video on the grips that Kirk made (here)

The larger grip size can help with grip pressure and feeling more comfortable holding the club, especially for those with arthritis or other physical issues. Kirk has found that 80% of golfers do better with these grips when they fit properly, and he highly recommends trying them.

Try a couple grips before buying them all unless you are sure you will like thicker grips. The JumboMax UltraLite grips even in size small are somewhat thicker than normal jumbo grips. If you measure your hand size from wrist crease to longest finger then Kirk recommends the following. 7.5 ” to 8″ size small, 8″ to 8.5″ Medium, 8.5″ to 9″ Large, and larger than 9″ the XL size. Smaller than 7.5″ try the X-Small size. Smaller than 7″ should try Standard Jumbo grip from JumboMax Ultralite and smaller than 6.5″ a Midsize option from another company.

Make sure you get the UltraLite, or Zen Lite grips, not the normal ones from them as they are very heavy.

Kirk has arranged a 10% discount for his clients. To take advantage you need to use the following link. https://jumbomax.com?ref:kirk or use Coupon code KIRK10 when checking out.

Ultralite Grip Review – Youtube 

Do I need special golf clubs for the Setup 4 Impact swing? Do I need Single Length Irons?

You do not need new clubs in order to play Setup 4 Impact Golf. You are still setting up the same distance from the ball as with your old swing so the length, and lie angle needed will be the same as before. So if your clubs fit you before then they will fit you after changing. If they are not expertly fit then we recommend getting fit by the best fitter in the business which understands our swing concept which is Club Champion Golf which has over 75 locations around the USA. Use Kirk Junge as your referral when signing up and they will take great care of you and not try to change your swing to a conventional one. Visit Club Champion at www.clubchampiongolf.com

What makes Setup 4 Impact better than other similar methods?

With the Setup 4 Impact method we help you find the swing that will fit your own body, so that you can improve fast. We do not place unnecessary restrictions on the swing, which will rob you not only of distance, but also accuracy. We focus on improving your impact of the golf ball with simple easy to follow drills. The goal is FAST improvement, not years of hoping to get better. For many who have struggled with similar systems as I did I have a video debunking many myths of the concept from my point of view. This can be viewed by clicking here. 

Is Bryson DeChambeau’s swing like Setup 4 Impact?

Bryson calls his swing a “Zero Shift” motion, but that is just different terminology for what the Setup 4 Impact method teaches. Bryson has mentioned in interviews that he believes Setting up for Impact makes the game easier. He has also been a long time subscriber to my Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/k2junge/

Where can I see Kirk's free golf swing improvement videos?

Some of his top videos can be found at https://setup4impact.com/singleplanegolfswing/ or on his Youtube channel at https://youtube.com/k2junge/

You can also see the top 10 myths debunked for swinging on a single plane at THIS LINK

Easier Golf Swing

Who is this method meant for?

This method is meant for all golfers looking for an easier way to improve their game in the simplest way possible. It will be very beneficial to any golfer looking to become more accurate and gain distance. Setup 4 Impact also makes chipping, Pitching, Bunker shots and putting easier.

How do I upgrade to Platinum membership from my lifetime access account?

You can upgrade to the monthly membership by clicking here, and yearly by clicking here

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