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Setup 4 Impact Golf - Fastest way to improve at golf

Kirk Junge

CEO Setup 4 Impact Golf
and Founder of the method

Let me help you simplify your golf swing so that you can quickly improve your game. I help you make the simple adjustment of setting up on your impact plane, and then teach you step by step how to deliver the club through impact like all great golfers do. This will help you improve every golf shot that you face in a round of golf, without having to make drastic swing changes and get worse before you get better. I believe that you should improve very quickly if you are following the right steps. Part of your membership is encouraging you to send in videos for me to review. Get started today at home.

What's included?

  • 22 Lessons
  • 15 Checkpoints
  • Video testing
  • 32 Videos
  • Progress step by step

Improve at Golf

You will progress through the learning system at your own pace. Ideally testing out to move forward to the next step. Testing through 15 checkpoints, including Setup, Drills, seven drills, Driver, Fairway woods, Fairway irons, putt, chip, pitch and bunker shots. 

Personal brand

 You will also learn how to take what you have learned onto the golf course so that why we are building your golf swing you will still be able to enjoy a round of golf. 
Inventor of Setup 4 Impact Golf

Kirk Junge

Kirk Junge began playing golf at the age of 5. After a successful Junior Golf career, Kirk turned professional in 1986. He has played on the Dakotas Tour, the Teardrop Tour,  the South Florida PGA and the SouthWest Ohio PGA where he captured one victory.

More recently Kirk played tournament golf again for the first time in almost 20 years in 2021 where he finished second in the Senior division in the United States Golf Teachers Cup in Las Vegas, NV. There were Golf teaching professionals from around the USA playing in this competition which took place in 30 to 40 MPH winds. In the same event in 2022 Kirk also finished in second place despite only having played a few rounds of golf that year due to some injuries suffered from his strenuous exercise program.

In the year 1996, Kirk began to teach the golf swing of Moe Norman, and shortly thereafter taught with the Natural Golf Corporation, where he stayed until 2005. During that time he was one of the top instructors and was responsible for answering over 3000 golf technique questions on the Natural Golf forum.

He was a licensed instructor with the Graves Golf Academy from 2014 to 2016. Kirk also holds several other certifications with the United States Golf Teachers Federation, the World Golf Teachers Federation, and is a former PGA of Europe member.After leaving Natural Golf, Kirk headed to Pforzheim, Germany where he ran his own Golf Academy until 2014. 

In 2005, Kirk set his sights on creating a simpler golf swing, which led to the creation of Setup 4 Impact Golf. Using his 20+ years of golf instruction experience and his knowledge of the many different golf methods, Kirk worked to create a golf swing that would be easy on the body, repeatable and powerful for any age golfer. Setup 4 Impact golf began on YouTube where he quickly gained subscribers.

Setup 4 Impact Golf now offers free instructional tips, website memberships and golf schools designed to teach a simple, repeatable Golf Swing that has helped thousands of golfers worldwide take control of their game and play better golf. His instruction is based on research, slow motion video and club and ball data provided by the world class golf technology of FlightScope X3.

Kirk has distilled golf knowledge from some of the best golf instructors in the world to create the Setup 4 Impact golf swing. His instructors included the likes of Wild Bill Melhorn, Jimmy Ballard, Terry Crouch, Artie McNickle, Chuck Hogan and Dave Pelz, and many more.

Kirk’s main goal is to help golfers improve their game as quickly as possible. Overnight improvement is the number one goal of Setup 4 Impact, helping golfers avoid getting worse before getting better.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Master Instructor

Tony Griffin

Master Setup 4 Impact Golf Instructor | North Carolina

Tony first discovered the joy of golf at age 11 after tagging along with his father to the local driving ranges. His natural ability was useful, taking him through his  teen years and all the way through adulthood and into retirement with virtually no formal instruction.

He has played local, state and regional level competitive golf all through the years and upon retirement had a desire to refresh the skills that had receded over the years.

After a few lessons on the conventional golf swing without improvement, Tony searched for a way to revitalize his golf game.

The conventional golf swing is very complicated, he began looking for something simple to understand and easy to perform, something that wouldn’t take months or years and dozens of lessons to improve.

In late 2015 he discovered Kirk Junge’s YouTube Setup 4 Impact videos. After seeing the simplicity of the method, he began working with Kirk through the  video lesson program. Within 2 or 3 weeks he saw a marked improvement. In 2018 he was able to shoot his age for the first time, carding a 63.Shortly after beginning his change to Setup 4 Impact, Tony found he had a desire to teach this golf swing. The simplicity of the method combined with the drills helped many of his students improve quickly.

Tony became the first Setup 4 Impact Certified Instructor soon after certification was offered.

Located in the central NC area (Sanford), 25 minutes from Pinehurst and about anhour each from the cities of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro and Fayetteville, Tony offers personal lessons, One Day Schools and joins Kirk several times per year at Three Day Schools as an instructor.
Patrick Jones - Course author